Congratulations On Your Decision To Begin The 6 Day Experience

of SlimROAST Optimum Coffee 

The 6 Day Experience is a 6 day discovery of SlimRoast Optimum Coffee and how it can transform your life and the lives of those you love. Collectively, people all over the world are ditching their basic coffee for a cup of SlimRoast Optimum to start the day.


Whether you want to lose 10 pounds, 40 pounds or 100 pounds, SlimROAST Optimum Coffee can support those efforts by giving your body the help it needs and results you will love. And best of all, your results can be lasting by simply continuing to drink the coffee you will come to love. 

Our Story Is About Your Story

To help you get started right, we've put together A Guide To The 6 Day Experience. It's short and sweet because drinking coffee is very simple.


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Most people begin their journey with SlimROAST Optimum Coffee with The 6 Day Experience. The photos in this section and in the video below are a sampling of people with incredible results who decided to use SlimROAST Optimum Coffee on an ongoing basis. We've included a few of the many participant submitted results to inspire you to think big and long term. As you can see the results are mind blowing.

Contact the person who invited you to this page for additional information. Have fun and we wish you success!

Individual results vary. You will know after 6 days whether SlimROAST Optimum Coffee is for you or not. As a practical matter, if you are pregnant or being treated for a serious condition, please consult your doctor provide beginning this program.  *The statements  herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.