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Valentus Launches New Products: Overview by Royal Diamond, Rick Jerrells

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Valentus has added 3 new products for your HEALTH in 2019. While Valentus is known for its slimming coffees, cocoa, and Prevail beverages, the company is now entering deeper into the HEALTH arena.

M.O.R.E. Detox

We have a TRACE mineral dropper bottle product with detox. Including activated charcoal. It is tasteless. you add it to water bottle and drink Within minutes you start to feel better overall.

24/7 Carb Blocker

Then we added a carb blocker in AM/PM form so you take twice a day total of 4 caps. This will block some of the carbs entering the system and will make both the Optimum Cocoa and Optimum coffee's work so much BETTER! The results are already phenomenal. Can you imagine reducing carb intake? WOW!

SlimROAST Optimum Cocoa

The last is for the non coffee drinkers who wanted to drink the SlimRoast Optimum coffee but just couldn't stand coffee in general. now they can have the same amazing formula in a COCOA DRINK!! WOW! Now, 10 of 10 will say yes to results with Valentus.

No more "I don't drink coffee". "Well, we have the alternative!!"

100% yes to losing weight and gaining energy. Along with our other 15-16 products we really have a GREAT OPPORTUNITY and a GREAT BUSINESS. There is something for everyone!

The duplication in building the business is so much easier with variety. And volumes go up when people are attracted to and emotionally attached to many products.

Make no mistake our SlimRoast Optimum Coffee, our Optimum Cocoa, and our Instant Youth along with this new mineral drink called "M.O.R.E.", MAX essential mineral spray, along with our Trim weight loss drink and Prevail energy drink, we are going to the top folks!

CLIMB On BOARD NOW! Get your leaders and teams on board now. Momentum is about to hit and when it does you want to be building about a year or two prior to massive momentum where the curve line goes straight up!

Rick Jerrells

Valentus Royal Diamond

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