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True Success: May Bonnin, Crown Diamond

My name is May Bonnin, a proud mother of two wonderful children, Aiden and Alexandria; and wife to the most supporting man I know, Richard. My family and I currently reside in Bakersfield, California where I work as a nurse practitioner and a professional network marketer.

Before coming to America, I graduated Finance in one of the most reputable schools in the Philippines, but despite my degree, I was still forced to hustle in order to survive. I had a small retail business which did not really yield any real returns nor did make me financially secure and independent. Eventually, I went into nursing and migrated to the U.S.A. I have always been taught that America was the land of opportunity and yet I only realized what that truly meant when I got into Valentus.

I have always been skeptical with regard to “non-traditional” means of making money, such as networking. I have always thought that being in a “9-5” job was the only way to make it up in the world and that people that pursued such careers were the ones with no skills or real talent. I always remained within my comfort zone and I only wanted to play it safe when it came to my finances. I made good money as a nurse, but I still experienced hardships when it came to me paying my bills. I wanted to be financially secured so much so that I did not want my family to experience any kind of hardship when it came to money. 

Because of Valentus, all my worries quickly disappeared. I was able to not just help my own family, but the families of various people who decided to say yes to the opportunity that Valentus presented. I realized that my mission in life was not just to make my family financially secured but also to help others reach their health and financial goals.

Valentus was the catalyst that changed my life because this is where I saw my hard work bear real fruit. In Valentus, I received what I deserved. Because of my team's combined effort, we were able to make over $2,000,000 in one month in revenue. That promoted me to Crown Diamond, second top rank in the company in just 1 year of hustling- lots sleepless nights, numb fingers, and sacrifice.  Because of our hard work, we were becoming financially stable and happy. Ultimately, I can finally say that I have made it in the world and it is because of my decision to say yes to this opportunity. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Chi Nguyen for introducing me to Valentus.  I started earning six figures in a month, an income that I never even imagined.  Thus, I was able to walk away from my full time job as a family nurse practitioner.  

To those who are still figuring themselves out when it comes to their health and finances, let me invite you to join us. To those who are in the business but treat this business as a hobby, let me tell you that Valentus is what will help you rise above all your fears and worries. Valentus is the sign that you have been waiting for. I implore you to say YES and to step out of your comfort zone because once you commit to this, there is no other way than up. You will not be alone in this journey, because we shall struggle and succeed with you. We shall teach you to be effective and efficient in the business of network marketing; and we will achieve our dreams together. 

My dreams have become a reality.  We now own a restaurant franchise, Rockin Crawfish in Bakersfield.  We also bought our dream home, our 3rd house in California. During the lockdown, I realized that being home 24/7 was not for me. Thus, I decided to get into my other passion – which is to make people beautiful and to help them feel confident about themselves.  I went back to working part time as a nurse practitioner in Aesthetics not because I needed to but because I love being in that kind of environment.  I wanted to remain active and not just stay at home. So, I am grateful to Valentus for giving me options.  I have enough time to be with my family and at the same time to do what I love to do. 

May Bonnin

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