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True Success: Dr. Chi Nguyen, Blue Diamond

All these years later, I can still recall that day in April 1975. We could hear the thunder of artillery shells exploding in the distance as we were boarding a Vietnamese Navy ship under the command of my father. Imagine this: my mother had my twin brothers, both a year and a half old, in her arms while watching and guiding us three older siblings at 3, 5, and 7 years old, as we quickly boarded the ship. My father was busy trying to get the ship ready for departure.

For seven humid and windless days we inched across the open sea toward America. The entire deck of the ship was full and must have surpassed the maximum number of people allowed on board. Most were non-military people fleeing a war-torn country, though military personnel, including my father, had to flee to prevent capture. Being captured meant imprisonment and possible death by execution.

When the dust cleared at the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975, we found ourselves citizens of a country that no longer existed. As we stepped foot onto American soil at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, we knew we had to begin our lives over.

Fortunately for our family, my uncle persuaded his sponsor to invite our family to Tacoma, Washington, even though the sponsor did not have the financial capability to help us. While in Tacoma, my parents had to work odd jobs at night while learning English during the day. My grandparents took responsibility for us -- taking us to and from school, etc.

My parents began living a future more complex than they could ever imagine. Two years later, we moved to San Jose, California, where my parents went to school to get technical degrees in electronics. For the next 28 years, my parents worked tremendously hard mentally, physically and financially to support their five children -- in order for us to have a good education and to become good human beings.

The hope of refugee families rests squarely on their children, one of the many pressures my siblings and I all faced. We believed that with a good education, we could make a better future for ourselves. While in school, we were always enrolled in Advanced Placement classes and achieved top grades. All of us were lucky to attend the same university together as siblings at the University of California, Davis. Now that we have all earned college and/or graduate degrees, it is time for us to take care of our parents, for they have sacrificed their best years to guide us to succeed in the new land we call home.

I went into medicine because I wanted to help people. I believe listening to patients is an important part of healing. I believe in the power of prevention by focusing on symptomatic care but, unfortunately, medicine has really become a disease management system in this country.

I learned about network marketing about 18 years ago through a friend of mine and saw the potential of this industry as a business option, driven by effective products. Timing and positioning are keys that open the door to any opportunity. I felt this to be the perfect time to position ourselves with a great opportunity to help our parents, family and others. I understood from the beginning that network marketing has the advanced products and services that can enhance health and wellness and allow people to seek freedom of a better lifestyle. I was able to achieve unimaginable success in the last 8 years while helping others have health and wellness and amassing millions in lifetime earnings and accumulating many prestigious accolades withing the industry as a whole.

I have always learned to have an open mind when it comes to other products and opportunities and that's when Valentus came into my life as I sat down with my friend, John Haremza, and Valentus CEO, Dave Jordan. What attracted me to Valentus was the CEO's values and core principles and his commitment to the success of the entire field of independent representatives. I'm impressed by his passion for people and impressed with the culture that Dave Jordan and his wife have created -- a culture of love and unity. I truly found "home" in Valentus. Being a diabetic, I was able to achieve the best sugar control thus far from drinking Valentus products. They not only help me control my sugar to optimal results but also helped so many other people get healthier as well.

I am now able to experience better sleep, more rejuvenating rest as well as great daytime energy and mind focus. I have seen these products positively change chronic health conditions for many people. In fact, never in all my years of practicing allopathic medicine have I seen such amazing products as powerful for the human body as these. They work across a broad spectrum of conditions to help the body mend itself. When used consistently they become preventive in scope.

Who would have dreamt, as we fled Vietnam for our lives those many years ago that we would one day be wellness professionals, seeking to foster better health through prevention? In fact, it is our hope to one day take these wonderful products and this great business plan and share it with more people across the world where they can benefit so many. Our focus is to help others achieve their dreams and goals with the intention of sharing health and wellness. There's no better prescription for success. We invite you to join this great venture of health and wellness with Valentus. The best is yet to come and it's coming with force.

Dr. Chi Nguyen

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