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True Success: Crown Diamond, Jen Melendez

I am 33 yrs old, born and raised in the Philippines but now residing in Las Vegas Nevada. Married to Dario Melendez and we have a beautiful 9 yr old daughter, Deangela. I am a Registered Nurse and this is actually my first time doing MLM. Two years ago, I had no idea what this industry is. In retrospect, I would not do anything related to sales or any type of business because anything that involves numbers freaks me out, my least favorite subject is Math. So joining this business and delving into something I had no idea about- was such a big risk. When Dr. Chi reached out to me, shared the business and asked me to join him, I must admit that there were a lot of internal dialogues came to my mind, “what if they will not believe in me, what if my friends will laugh at me and not support me, or what if I fail”. But what I did is I made a brave choice of pursuing a path outside my comfort zone, despite all the what if’s… And for the record, this is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I believed in myself, I believed in my capabilities… I know I can do this. If others did it, so can I. For me having faith in yourself and having the confidence to do something, no matter what other people say, then that’s when you actually achieve what you want.

I signed up as an IR last June 11, 2018 after doing a sitdown meeting with my sponsor Dr. Chi Nguyen. I was doing Valentus on a very part time basis, incorporating the business to the very hectic schedule I had as an Assistant Director of Nursing who was on-call 24/7 and as hands-on mom of a 9 yr old. But I must say that I'm so pasionate in what I do, promoting health and wellness with our amazing products, what a great dovetail with my calling as a nurse. I am so passionate in changing people’s lives. I never stop sharing Valentus because the products and the opportunity are worth sharing.

Eventually, Valentus gave me the opportunity to walk away from my fulltime job after 10 months doing the business part time. My husband who is also a Blue Diamond in the company retired from his 9-5 job last May of 2019. We achieved the time freedom!!! Both retired at our 30s. Literally we wake up everyday whenever we want, wherever we want ... and that's the great thing about our business! We're not being tied to a particular location or desk. A phone or a laptop and a good internet signal is all that we need. In fact last year, we travelled to 11 different countries- The Carribean, Europe and Asia. Spending quality time with the people you love the most is priceless.

Building this business involves hardwork and sacrifice. there were sleepless nights but Its all worth it. I was able to invest in properties. Now I have 2 houses- in California and in Vegas. I invested condo units abroad. We drive our dream cars- all paid for by Valentus. With these financial blessings, we are able to do charity works in the Philippines. And what's also very fulfilling is that I am not the only one experiencing success. My whole team is winning as well. I am not sharing all these to brag though I'm so proud of our achievements because my team and I worked hard for it. But most importantly, I say these to share hope and to create awareness to everyone, where this amazing opportunity can possibly take you! Most people are skeptical because they think that only those big time and experienced business owners, influencers or networkers can make the good money here. I understand because I felt the same way, but what I found is, if you take this business seriously, be coachable by following the proven system, and if you fall in LOVE and be passionate about it–and then you will be unstoppable.

Jen Melendez

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