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The Valentus 6 Day Experience:The Simple Math With John Haremza

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

The 6 Day Experience that can jump start your business and when done right, will maximize your earning potential in the shortest amount of time, in a duplicatable system. The 6 Day Experience is one of the most fun, simple, and effective systems at your disposal as a Valentus IR.

This method is based on purchasing the Prevail SlimRoast Optimum Business Builder Pack that has 350 Optimum Coffee sachets for $575.95, which equates to 58 - 6 Day Experience Packs. Most IRs find it beneficial and most do-able to sell a 6 Day Experience Pack for $20 each. Each IR assembles their 6 Day Experience Packs in an envelope with their contact information or other information their team leaders suggest. Some IRs use this time to be creative with packaging and some just keep it simple. That part is up to you. Best of all, this system not only pays for itself, but profits you up to $3000.

It makes sense to get as many people trying your coffee right away as a new IR as an introduction to your new business. However, even the most seasoned and successful IRs continue this method to open new doors, to connect with new people, and to reach new goals. We are going to explain in detail in this article how this really makes sense to IRs and puts them in position to earn income right away while creating massive team volume when the team follows suit. Because this system is completely duplicatable, it is a winning strategy.

The Simple Math: When you sell 58 - 6 Day Experience Packs for $20, you have just earned $1,160, which is a net profit of $575.

On top of the money you will earn when you sell your 6 Day Experience Packs, with proper follow-up and personal connection with prospects, you can increase your earnings to $3,160 or more. So, if we can show you how to turn $575 into $3000+ who would not be game to do it and redo it as often as possible?

On top of the money you will earn, you are also establishing a 'Structured Road to Emerald' and practicing the duplicatable system that will lead you to structured Diamond and beyond. Win/Win for all.

It is a genius method indeed. We have a special explanation video by Crown Diamond, John Haremza, below to explain it all in more detail.

Take time to listen to this system explained below, with Crown Diamond, John Haremza.

We hope you have found this article beneficial and that you decide to put The 6 Day Experience in action, over and over again.

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