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The John Haremza Story

If you have never had the chance to hear the story of John's very real 'rags to riches' journey, you are in for a moment of inspiration. The culture at Valentus attracts the best of the best, and we are fortunate to have John Haremza to teach, motivate and inspire us to greater heights. You will be hard-pressed to keep up with him. He is in the air and in the field, lending a helping hand to those who are ready to make it happen.

Thank you John for sharing your story and congratulations from all of us on becoming the first Valentus Black Diamond.

"I am humbled and so very grateful to be a part of Valentus. We are changing lives around the world and so much of the credit goes to Dave and Joyce Jordan for this incredible experience and opportunity. With almost 30 years as a network marketing leader I have never seen such momentum, such enthusiasm, such heart.

I also want to thank the incredible leadership that makes Valentus such a global life changer. I appreciate all of you more than you can possibly know. I know that none of this could have happened without each of you and without Dave and Joyce's vision.

I am committed to helping each and everyone of you make your dream your reality."

~John Haremza

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