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The Emulin Buzz Everyone's Talking About

We are all so excited to bring Emulin to the world. Valentus is definitely the place to be in 2020 and beyond. With a product like Emulin, we are poised to create another major wave of momentum that you do not want to miss.

Now you can buy multiples of Emulin. Keep your eye on Emulin as we get to the place where Emulin is flowing like a river ... #WeAreTeamValentus

Current Emulin upgrades:

3 PACK 1-M 1-C 1-Other

6 PACK 2-C 2-M 2-Others

16 PACK 4-C 4-M 8-Others

36 PACK 8-C 8-M 20-Other Product


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