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Practical Matters with Royal Diamond, Rick Jerrells: Avoid This Enrollment Blunder

I think a leader should ask if anyone else has contacted a prospect who is looking or shopping for an enroller. Especially a first time non-enrolled potential prospect. It's one thing to work six months, then go inactive, as a person can choose to go where he wants according to policy and procedures. And a whole other to influencing someone to sign with you a first time into valentus when someone else told them.

Let me say this, if I call someone and they haven't been told about Valentus [whole different story]. But if some prospect calls me and I find out someone has connected with them, I always ask "why are you not working with that person?

If it's really a bad situation, I would enroll them down that leg under them at least they are getting paid the dual team volume if they build.

Leaders need to encourage potential builders or lookie Loo's shopping for an enroller, to encourage them to enroll with the person who exposed them to Valentus.

Every prospect should be gracious and thankful at a minimum for having been called, told about Valentus. And others besides top leaders should be telling a person already told, "You should go back to the person who told you about Valentus and enroll with them as you are IN MY ORGANIZATION" And I will selflessly help you.

I like this company right now as everyone is achieving what they truly desire. But personally I'd like to create an atmosphere that isn't based upon greed and thievery.

Last, Dave CEO and myself, do not believe in giving anyone money outside of the Valentus compensation plan. A "pay to play". Do not be a person with money who is enticing someone away from another distributor because you have a wealth advantage.

Valentus has the best opportunity in the world. Prospects need to come here because

1. You demonstrated you can lead them 2. We have a great product line 3. Our compensation plan is the best

I want you to know I will do my best to help others achieve as we have a fair playing field and a great opportunity.

I just want leaders in the field to support those in their organizations even if they did not personally enroll them. They can certainly encourage someone to go back and enroll with the original person who told them about Valentus and sent them samples or a can of coffee.

Unless their is a hate relationship there no reason not to enroll with person who initially told them. Remember each new distributor should be concerned with their two legs, building their two legs and not worrying about upline anyhow.

It's called becoming a believer in product and company and enrolling with the person who exposed them and going to work!

Again, this can't always occur, however, I'd like to, as we move forward, see the utmost of integrity from leaders in the field.

Many times I've had someone call me out of nowhere saying they know about Valentus and saw me on YouTube etc and want to enroll with me. Several times I've told them go back to whoever exposed you to Valentus because you owe them for thinking of you. I don't enroll them. Or I try to find out who and work it out between them and that person or persons.

Integrity, cheerful giving, honesty, working without greed, is everything for us to move to 100 million a month.

Rick Jerrells Royal Diamond


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