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Karla's Story

"Here I am on the left so happy to have my first can of Slimroast Optimum in my hand....the left picture was Day One of when I changed my Coffee to Optimum... can you see a change? 3 months...down over 30 inches, 2 full pant sizes, over 35 inches—gone and close to 30 pounds released!! I feel like a new woman with the energy, mental clarity and zero cravings for carbs or sugar— this is the real deal that I was praying for! Its fun to look back and see the change for the better: in my appearance, my health and my desire to walk (and able to move) & be good to myself is simply astounding 💃🏻❤️"

THIRTY ... 30 .... POUNDS ....30+ INCHES ..... THIRTY PLUS... GONE!!!


Way to go Karla!

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