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John Haremza Achieves Crown Ambassador Rank at Valentus

John Haremza achieves the top rank of Crown Ambassador at Valentus.

The achievement of Crown Ambassador at Valentus is the highest rank advancement an Independent Representative can achieve. In just over 3 years, we have witnessed the continued climb to the top by John Haremza, a leader in the industry. In 2019 alone, to the amazement of all, we have watched John increase his rank from Black Diamond, to Royal Diamond, to Crown Diamond and now to the coveted rank of Crown Ambassador. John has devoted his time to traveling the world helping Valentus teams by training and inspiring them to how to duplicate the Valentus system of success.

John Haremza is the first Valentus Independent Representative to reach the rank of Crown Ambassador.

"This achievement is nothing more than a reflection of the incredible leader ship dedication and commitment of all of the other diamonds and members in the field."

His commitment back to each of you to express his sincere gratitude and appreciation is to do whatever he can to help each achieve your dreams with Valentus.

"A special thanks and expression of gratitude and appreciation to Dave and Joyce Jordan for all they do for everyone. With much love gratitude and appreciation thank you ❤️❤️❤️" ~John Haremza, Valentus Crown Ambassador

From all of us, we thank you John, for showing us what an unstoppable, unshakeable dream in action looks like. Congratulations on your well deserved achievement.


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