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How To Stay Compliant With Product Information Like A Pro

As compliance is of the utmost importance, I want to share with you a great, free, online tool I highly advise using when questions arise about our products that are hard to describe without questioning whether your statements are compliant or not.

Do you know about LMGTFY? Let Me Google That For You is the best way to share a Google Search with your prospects. This free Google service is geared to help you to relate a specific Google Search to a prospect's unique interest or concern and allows you to stay in control (somewhat) of the content they will see.

Simply go to www.LMGTFY.com and type in the search phrase or question in the search bar. Copy the link (shorten link, copy) so that the link is copied to your clipboard, select "preview" to check the search result and make sure it's what you want your prospects to see. Sometimes you may need to be more specific with a question or phrase to find the perfect search selection, as it is with any Google search. Keep in mind, the sponsored ads are at the top of the every Google search, so scroll down past the sponsored ads to the organic articles to find the real results.

The link that you copied is what you are going to share with your prospect ... read on...

For the example today, I am going to show you two (2) LMGTFY searches I conducted for our newest product, Emulin.

You may get a specific question from a prospect or team member, "Is it safe for diabetics?" and you may get a general question like "What is it?". When you get a specific question, prepare a statement with the question in mind to keep it specific. Otherwise, use a general phrase that will yield a great search result. (*Always recommend to prospects who mention a medical condition to check with their physician as a practical matter.)

I've done a LMGTFY using the phrase "Dr. Joseph Ahrens Emulin" and you can watch it in motion by clicking this link that was generated on LMGTFY: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=Dr.+Joseph+Ahrens+Emulin

Finally, the last step is responding to your prospect in a private message by saying something like: "Here I've Googled that for you and you should find all the answers you need here." And then include the link to your LMGTFY search result.

Voila! So smart and so compliant.

Play around with it and have fun. Not only will you become an expert on the product, you've been helpful, shown just how knowledgeable you are, and provided your prospect a world of information they can get lost in. And, of equal importance, you've managed to stay complaint with federal regulations.

Share this with your team members to help them stay on the right side of up. I hope you've found this information helpful.

Jamie Dulaney Valentus Director of Social Media

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I Am Team Valentus

Jamie Dulaney