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Dr. Chi Nguyen: Valentus Executive of the Year

Congratulations to Valentus Blue Diamond, Dr. Chi Nguyen who is Valentus Executive of the Year! This presigious award is a reflection of the devotion of time, relentless effort, sound leadership and tremedous heart you have exihibited not just within your team, but to everyone in Valentus. We appreciate you Dr. Chi Nguyen and Valentus is more dynamic because of you.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”-Albert Pike

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone. I didn’t expect anything as my focus is to solely help as many people as possible in our blessed company have success while helping others. We rise by lifting others. Thank you Dave and Joyce Jordan for opening your hearts to all of us. Thank you Chris Hupke for your 24/7 commitment to us. Thank you John Haremza, Karen Ford and Terri Recknor for always always giving each of us your guidance, your love and your inspirations. This award is for each of my friends/members as you are the true reason why everything happens. Your hearts are full of love to help others. You all have a purpose and the purpose is yours to conquer and accomplish. Just know that each of you MATTER!!! We will continue to pour our hearts and efforts to help everyone. YOU ALL DESERVE THIS and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! #WeAreOneValentus ~Blue Diamond, Dr. Chi Nguyen

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