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Coffee Talks: Two Persectives From Ladies Who Rock Them All The Time

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Maybe you've been considering having a Coffee Talk to introduce your products and business opportunity locally. We live busy lives and it's easy to find every reason to scrap the idea. But hold on. You just might want to consider doing it on a regular basis as a component of building a successful, structured business, and have fun doing it every step of the way.

We went to our amazing Valentus field to interview two ladies who love holding Coffee Talks to ask them about it. We interviewed Diamond, Amy Greenfield, of Parkland, Florida, and Emerald, Paula Carpenter, of Norman, Oklahoma. Both Amy and Paula started the same way: one day they decided to do something they hadn't done before, and just had their first Coffee Talks. And, we are hoping that after you read this interview you decide to just have one too.

There is No Wrong Way to Do It. Your guests do not know what you are supposed to say or do or not say or do. So first of all 'relax' and just be you. If you are relaxed, they will be too.

The Interview With Amy Greenfield and Paula Carpenter

Amy and Paula, what was it like before doing your first coffee talk? How did you feel getting ready for it? And what was your initial take-away from the event after it was over?

Amy: I joined January 22, 2016 and I literally had 60 people at my house for my first coffee talk. That was very unusual, but I was super pumped and there were a few of us who joined so we all just got whoever we could there. Most of us were a little nervous before our coffee talks, but felt so great afterwards. They are fun. It shows your friends that they would be part of a community, a team and not alone. I learned that less is more in every aspect. We don't serve food. This way you save money, it's more duplicatable and people will feel the effects of the coffee. We always play music so it feels more like a party and there is not an awkward silence. The coffee talks are meant to be fun and create an interest.

Paula: How did I feel? It was hard to invite people to a business type meeting and I didn’t know how to invite at first but since we have so much fun together it has gotten easier. We tweak what we do every time to make it better than the last time. Our coffee talks are done as a team. We have one every other week. Misti Brackin hosts them at her house. Misti is the Diamond in our group so she always presents the business. Then a few of us will tell our story, then one of us will present a training on something.

How did you go about inviting people?

Amy: It is always best to invite by phone. Let them hear your excitement. We always plan them pretty fast. It seems if you invite a week or more in advance, too many things come up in peoples lives.

I start with: "What are you doing Saturday at 11. [Nothing why?] I just started my own business and my favorite product is our weightloss coffee. I'm inviting some of my friends over to taste this amazing coffee and I would love it if you could be there so you can see how great it makes you feel. Can't wait for you to try it. Can I count on you to be there?" We make it super casual sounding, but important that we want them there.

Paula: I personally invite on messenger, by phone or face to face. I will usually throw something on my Facebook page but I never get interest from that. It is the personal invitations that get results.

What do you do at the coffee talk? What is the schedule of events?

Amy: For the first 30 minutes we socialize and make the coffee. When people come, we have them make their own so they can experience how to make it. We always have hot water and water bottles, in case they want a cold one. We have creamer, organic sugar and stevia. We always play music and just chit chat and introduce everyone. We will have brochures out and before and after pictures too. I always have a basket out with the 6 day experience also. That way if they ask what it is, it opens the door to share the 6 day experience while they are tasting it, so you are already planting the seed in their head. Then 30 minutes later we go to the family room and have everyone sit. The host will thank her friends for coming and share whatever she has experienced and how she found out about Valentus and her story. Then we play the valentus movie, or the sizzle Youtube testimonial video. If there are people there that have been using the coffee, we will have them share their personal experience too. At the end, we tell them there is a business opportunity and if anyone is interested in making money, we'd would love to share that with them too. We sort of feel it out and sometimes go through the comp plan and other products, and sometimes we don't; it just depends on interest of the crowd.

Paula: Well..... Misti loves to cook, so at 6:30 pm we serve dinner. Which is certainly not necessary, but it sure is nice. I’m afraid it would stress most people out. We usually have samples of products out. After dinner and samples we have a short opportunity presentation, then a few testimonies. Then each week a different person will present for about 15 minutes on a topic of interest. Sometimes it is business training, sometimes inspirational, sometimes it is product related or health related. Then at about 8 or 8:30 we stop so people can mingle and have questions answered. We try to keep it fun! Misti, Katrina and I have also done it in the form of a home party for a customer who couldn’t “afford” the coffee so she earned it by inviting others to her house.

Final Question: Amy and Paula, what do you consider to be a good crowd for a coffee talk? Do your local team members participate and bring guests?

Amy: In an ideal world 10 to 15 people are awesome. One statistic that is always spot on is you end up with half the people you thought you were getting. If you get 10 yeses, chances are you will end up with 5 people. Don't know why that is but it has been consistent. I always write down guests names and phone numbers and call them the next day thanking them for coming and to see if they have any questions or any interest in doing the business.

When you gather your friends together and have a fun environment and they all see each other's reactions to how Optimum just wakes up their brains, and they hear each other's stories, it goes viral, it brings synergy and excitement and makes them want to be a part of your community. Why go 1 by 1 when you can leverage 10, 15 people at a time. ~Amy Greenfield

Paula: We usually have about 5 or six guests. Yes, there are maybe 20 local IRs. We all invite guests. We don’t pressure anyone there to join or buy so most of our IRs are signed outside the meeting.

Coffee Talks are where great minds come together and inspire one another to impact the health and wealth of people they care about. ~Paula Carpenter

Thank you Amy and Paula for sharing your stories and advice with us. We love your passion and ingenuity when it comes to finding effective, fun ways to share the Valentus products, the business and our amazing culture. It obviously is helping you to demonstate duplicity to increase your business outreach. We just love it! You ROCK!

Please share one of your Coffee Talk photos and a nugget of advice in the comments below. We believe Coffee Talks are an amazing way to build a local team that can stretch around the globe. #NoLimits #SkinnyCoffeeTalk


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