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Awesome Social Media Ad Copy Technique For Maximum Impact

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Today I want to help you with choosing advertising content that delivers the right message and that has the likelihood of triggering the best response. We will discuss color, messaging and branding and keep it simple and to the point. For the example today, we will focus on one of our Valentus Corp ad graphics series that coordinate in message, layout and color and when used properly will deliver the intended message and response. You will notice subtle differences in them, but it is most obvious that they belong together and were created with thought and intention. This brief [and simplified] tutorial will give you the basics: the what, when, how and why, as it pertains to marketing your business on social media platforms.

Emotion: Harnessing Color

Professional advertisers think long and hard about color before choosing the best elements to use in a brand development program or advertising campaign. By carefully selecting the appropriate color an ad can send out a powerful and often emotional message to the viewer even before they have had time to read and understand what the ad is promoting.

For example, it is commonly recognized that red signals danger and that people automatically react to a red warning sign to avoid the hazard. Why is that? Evolutionary theories believe that early man learned to associate red with danger: blood, uncooked meat, or the red face of an aggressive adversary. But does that mean that red is never to be used in an advert? Far from it, however as with all colors, an ad must be created with careful use of color to ensure it sends out a positive subconscious message – one that is appropriate to what the company is selling and also to the target market.

Our ad examples today feature green, white, blue and a bit of black and white. Let’s examine these colors. Green is firmly linked with nature and the environment in most people’s minds. It is associated with reliability, safety, stability, honesty and freshness. It is an excellent color to form the basis of marketing material for companies promoting health or financial matters. Blue is a color which arouses trust and suggests success, depth, loyalty, calmness and power. This is why it is one of the most popular colors in corporate brands and designs. There is nothing more staid than the non-colors: black and white. They depict traditionalism, conservatism and neutrality, and portrays trustworthiness and seriousness.

Messaging: What To Say

Advertising graphics should be clean, simple and just enough information to cause a response. So many times, I see ads that have way too much information and too many clashing colors. All of that information will never cause someone to stop scrolling long enough to give your ad a serious thought. If your ad graphics are cluttered instead of clean it will be confusing to the viewer and in turn, they will just move on. Less is more especially on social media. With so many distractions, the message must be clear, concise, consistent and eye-catching.

Be careful to only entice viewers’ curiosity and avoid trying to teach, sell or promote with an ad graphic. There must be a second step, a call to action: clicking through to a website, filling out a form, sending a private message. For instance, with any of the graphics in this article, your post should be simple and say something like: “Learn More at www.mywebsite ..... com.” Or, “Message me for more information.” Never, ever, ever, ever try to educate the public with everything you know or everything your product does if the response you are looking for is an intested party. Small bites of information, a little here, a little there, are more effective than trying to serve up a feast to someone who isn’t hungry yet. Confused people always say no, completely ignore you or run like the devil.

Keep your message consistent and clear and engage the subconscious mind with graphics that go together in a series.

The big question is when and how often should your ads circulate. Depending on how many photos you have in a particular series, you would post one graphic 2-3 times the first week; the second photo 2-3 times the second week; etc., until you have gone through the series for a month or more.

The Nuts of Bolts of Timing:

For maximum impact, post your ads at the same times of day, on various days. For instance: You may post Ad 1 on a Monday at Noon; on Wednesday post Ad 1 at 3 PM; and on Friday or Sunday post Ad 1 at 8 PM, for a total of 3 various times a week on 3 separate days. This method makes it more likely that a certain group of people will see your entire ad series based on when they are online. (People engage on Facebook routinely, so if someone is online at 3 PM on Monday, they are likely to be online at that time often.)

(*Reserve Tuesday and Thursday for Business Opportunity Ads to coordinate with the corporate calls.)

The following week, begin to share Ad 2 in the same manner. And week 3, begin to share Ad 3 exactly the same way, and so on and so forth. By the end of the month you have taken your viewers through a complete ad series and done it in an intentional way.

The Secret Element: White Space

If you have an eye for the graphic white space (in the above photo it is graphic light blue space, but referred to as ‘white space’ in marketing), this is put here intentionally so you can add your website address. Be careful not to clutter up the photo with too much contact information. If you do not have a website, I recommend leaving it blank and putting your Call To Action in the post comment.

This series of photos can take your marketing efforts to a new level when used correctly. And, if you are paying attention at Valentus Corp Facebook Page, each month there is a new theme, new models, new colors and new effects and you can choose a marketing series from any month’s unique content. These photos along with possible new photos in this series, can be found on the Valentus Corp Facebook Page.

I hope you've found this article informative and helpful. Give it a whirl. Upgrade your marketing techniques to deliver a concise, constant message. Above all, have fun!

By Jamie Dulaney, Valentus Director of Social Media.

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